One or two days in Leipzig

Leipzig in one day:

Start the day with a relaxed breakfast in Cafe Kater, Cafe Ocka or drop by Schäfer’s Bakery at the tram stop if you want something quick.

Head to the city center and check out Bach’s grave at St.Thomas Church. You can also take a donation based walking tour, starting most days at 11am.  

If you feel like seeing some art, you should have a look around the Museum of Fine Arts, if you are interested in the history of the former GDR and the division of Germany, don’t miss out on the Forum of contemporary history (it’s free!).

Take a tram to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations and have a look at Leipzig from 90 meters in the air. For dinner and drinks check out Karl-Liebknecht Straße in the south or our recommendations below (Pekar is delicous).


Leipzig in two days:

Start off your second day with a stroll around our neighborhood  where you can find little cafes, cute shops, abandoned buildings and street art.

After that you can walk along Karl Heine Street and go gallery hopping in the old cotton mill area or enjoy an immersive video art experience at  Kunstkraftwerk. From either place you can walk back along the Karl Heine Canal until you reach Zschochersche Straße. Have a coffee at Cafe Oink (right on the canal) or grab lunch at one of the many spots around there. Our favorite is Quan Xanh, affordable and delicous vietnamese food. Afterwards you can take a tram to Karl-Liebknecht Street for some shopping and and a coffee or continue walking to Clara-Zetkin Park  to enjoy some nature.

A good alternative to any of this is a canoe tour or a trip to the lake when the weather is nice. ★