Movies, Theatre & Music

Want to watch a movie? Check out the Luru theatre in the old cotton mill. It’s a small, comfy and undergroundy theatre showing most movies in original language with subtitles (Omu). Our other favorites are Schauburg and movies in Schaubühne Lindenfels.

Other movie theatres:

Cineding, Passage Kino, Cinestar.

Theaters in the neighborhood:

Neues Schauspiel, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Lofft Theater, Theater der jungen Welt, Lindenfels Westflügel. The big official theatre is called Schauspiel Leipzig.

A selection of music venues in the city:

Felsenkeller, Täubchenthal, Werk2, Die NaTo, UT Connewitz, Conne Island, Gewandhaus, Opera, Feinkost